Awesome Gaming Content Creator: Mehow

Mehow is a gamer and content creator who has a clear image of himself. He is someone who is, (according to him) pretty good at games and he accompanies this with a dumb sense of humor. However, there is nothing dumb about Mehow's presence on both Twitch and YouTube.

Instead, this 26-year-old living in the UK (originally from Poland) and working in IT creates some amazing videos and streams. To see him in action, check out his recent Twitch stream of Dark Souls III, more precisely the Old King's Antechamber:

As you can see, Mehow has that recognizable approach where he is both calm and relaxed but also super-focused on the game he plays. That is not an accident - when he was younger, he worked on becoming a professional CS:GO competitor. He didn't get there, but he did manage to come up to the top 33 in the UK and also acquire some amazing gaming and game showcasing skills. 

The games that Mehow plays are beyond versatile. So far, he has streamed classics like Dark Souls III, indie darlings like Among US (including this video), massive competitive games including Rocket League and Overwatch, but also much less known titles. These are games like Circle of Sumo: Online Rumble,, and Haxball.He tries to stream as many evenings as he can from 8 pm (GMT) and until about 1 am. The fact that he can dedicate this time, along with a day job and, as his Instagram shows, a very vibrant social life, also shows his commitment to gaming content creation.

If you'd like to know more about this content creator, follow him on TikTok, Discord, and Twitter. But, first of all, subscribe to his YouTube channel and follow him on Twitch as soon as you can!