Tropical Mystery Jumble Words - The Ideal iOS Stress-Relief, Brain-Sharpening Puzzle Game

There are some classic games that never go out of fashion. One of them is Scrabble, which was and remains a cherished game for numerous generations. Now, a mobile game on the App Store called Tropical Mystery Jumble Words is taking the Scrabble concept to a whole new level. Check it out in its official trailer right here:

Created by G32:MEDIA, the game is a perfect example of how the simplicity of gameplay, great visual style, and an engaging premise can all be combined into a great casual mobile title. It offers a mechanic ideal for anyone who likes to find some stress relief with puzzle games but also sharpen their mental capacity.

In the game, players take on a word puzzle setup where they need to combine letters into words, all in an exciting visual setting of a tropic jungle in which they will be immersed. There, using accessible swipe commands, they can combine and rearrange letters into nouns, adjectives, and prepositions.

As you begin to play, chances are you will soon get carried away, thanks to a great balance of challenge and difficulty. The same will make a game an instant hit in the world-puzzle community. If you're one of them and you'd like to try it out, check out Tropical Mystery Jumble Words on the App Store right now!