Triple L Studios - A Powerhouse of Game Dev and Music Production

Too often, the modern gaming industry is all about specialization and in-depth focus. This often reflects itself in things like making only a single genre of games or even sticking to just one game franchise. While there usually might be a financial angle to that, the same process definitely stifles creativity. However, ventures like the Triple L Studios (where the three Ls stand for Live.Love.Levitate) shows that a more diverse way of approaching creativity is still alive and well.

This game development studio is also a cross between a music label. This means that the same enterprise works both on video games and music tracks, which is an awesome concept for me. The main force behind it is Hwayyy, a computer science student, game developer, and music producer. As his YouTube channel shows, he's been in the gaming music game for a number of years now. That is why making a combo studio makes so much sense in his case.

Presently, the studio is just getting started. You can see a title in development called cubesgonewild but I'm sure other game projects will come up as well soon enough.

Along with games, Hwayyy and his collaborators are working on music and posting it to the studio's Soundcloud account. In both domains, clearly they have so much to offer. If this sounds like something that might interest you, follow the Triple L Studios on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and GitHub. This way you can stay in tune with all of the cool things that will come from this community of creative individuals!