Solbips - Great VR Intergalactic Puzzle Game

Creating an immersive VR puzzle game is not easy. By default, virtual reality titles are a genre that tries to impress with its dynamic visual and not so much by activating your cognitive functions. However, luckily, there are also indie games like Solbips, which shows that it is more than possible to create immersive and thrilling puzzles in a VR environment.

The first reason why the game succeeds is the fact that it has an engaging storyline, set in a fun world. The game, made by modemfish, takes place in a star system of GalanG, populated by alien Solbips. They live together and travel together, but their world also features strange squares that mess up Solbips' travel arrangements. Here's where the players come in, as someone who is tasked with helping them get together and then reach their destination - Dimension Alpha.

Besides a nice storyline, the game also offers an abundance of puzzle challenges. It has an impressive 200 levels and all of them offer a unique approach to finding solutions. Of course, that process takes place in an alien world, full of color and weird geometry. All of them blend perfectly into the wider gaming concept that this VR title offers.

If you love puzzles and are a VR gamer (with an Oculus Quest device), you have to check out Solbips on SideQuest and From there, you can start playing and allow yourself to relax all parts of you, apart from your brain!