Cyberpunk is coming to Stadia Simultaneously with PC and Consoles

The most anticipated game of the year just revealed that it will be launching on the newest massive streaming service along with all of its other outlets. This is great news for all Stadia players who want to try out this huge title among the first.
On November 19, when Cyberpunk 2077 is coming out for PC and consoles, it will also appear on Google Stadia. Previously, the developers from CD Project Red stated that the game will hit Stadia at some point, but now, the public officially can expect this sci-fi role-playing game immediately there as well.

Stadia Step Forward with Cyberpunk 2077

Google is clearly trying to prop up its video game streaming service, but nothing so far tops this news. The business executives on both end have worked on the same deal for some time, being that Stadia revealed the partnership back in August 2019. 

In the meantime, the game was delayed several times, while presently, its developers are on a harsh crunch cycle, making sure the game is finished in about a month from now. Since that news, the game has officially attained the Gold status. Now, with the presence of Stadia secured as well, it is bound to attain even bigger success immediately after its launch period.