Awesome YouTube Stream: Im The Ghost

The first thing you'll notice about the Im The Ghost YouTube channel is the fact that it comes with a super clear focus. That focus is the Call of Duty series. This gamer and content creator is all about CoD and it's enough to check out only a few minutes of any of his videos to see this fact. This applies to the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War in equal measure. Just check out his recent video on the XM4 class setup that is maxed out with a range of attachments.

As you can see, he’s more than knowledgeable about the game and its weapons, showing what is likely a lifelong interest in this FPS series. At the same time, he’s very relaxed and friendly in his streaming style. A video where he encounters an acquaintance from years ago is the perfect showcase of his chill personality. In an age where so many FPS streamers are all about hype and aggressiveness, having someone like Im The Ghost is the perfect refreshment.

If you too love the Call of Duty series and you’re counting the days before Black Ops Cold War hits the markets, you have to subscribe to the Im The Ghost YouTube channel right now!