Awesome YouTube Channel: Hyperactive Fox

Rarely will you find YouTube gaming channels that, like Hyperactive Fox, so definitely deserve to be called hyperactive. In this case, that hyperactivity comes from a group of friends who play online games and have one hell of a good time. All the while, they also fire off jokes, goof around and do plenty more shenanigans that make all of their videos more than interesting.

Just check out the clip from Red Dead Online and how the Naturalist missions, like getting the Legendary Banded Gator (including Steve Irwin references) can do wrong in a thousand different ways:

Presently, the games on the channel include, beyond Red Dead Online, some Predator: Hunting Grounds, GTA 5 Online, and Totally Reliable Delivery Service. These are wildly different genres (the recent ones also come with awesome custom thumbnails), but all of them become hilarious clips on the Hyperactive Fox channel. That's great to see because beyond the humor and the entertainment that these games are first and foremost great friends.

If you'd like to both enjoy and support their channel, then check out Hyperactive Fox on YouTube right now and subscribe to it. They more than deserve to get a lot bigger audience!