Awesome Twitch Stream: xxjbond997xx


Usually, gaming content creators are individuals who are completely set on the videos and streams they make. However, at the same time, a lot of the most interesting ones are actually people who are actively engaged in other things as well. Jacob is one of them.

This rapper, investor and gaming content creator is the driving force behind the xxjbond997xx Twitch stream. While he is relatively new to the platform, he is already well on his way to become a relevant voice in this gaming community. To see what he does and how he does it, check out his recent Call of Duty: Warzone stream right here:

It is immediately clear that Jacob is above all else, calm, friendly and very confident. His versatile professional experience, as well as a rich private life he has (as his Instagram shows) clearly help him make great gaming videos as well. As for the titles he plays on his PS4, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is his things, more precisely its Warzone mode. But, he also plays games like Dead Frontier 2 and other Call of Duty releases, like the Black Ops series.

Right now, Jacob already got his Twitch affiliate status, but like his other ventures, I'm betting he is just starting. If you'd like to support him on this journey, follow him on his Facebook fan page, Instagram, YouTube and naturally, do the same on his xxjbond997xx Twitch stream as well!