Awesome Twitch Stream: festus523

Sometimes, gamers create Twitch streams because they have grandiose ambitions. They desire wealth and fame on a planetary level or even demand it. Luckily, there are other gamers as well who get into streaming, but who do it simply because they enjoy gaming and want to share that with others.

A 31-year-old Canadian streamer behind the festus523 Twitch stream is one of those individuals. This gamers began his streaming project to have fun and spread that same love of gaming with his followers and viewers. The result is an amazing start with a wide range of content and a lot of promise for the future of the stream. To see festus523 in action, check out his recent stream of Genshin Impact right here:

As you can see, he is very relaxed, easy-going, and fun to watch, especially on the account of his unforced humor. An audience of over 2,400 followers shows just how much this resonates with others. When it comes to his gaming focus, it is very diverse and unique. 
That is why you can watch him play action RPG titles like Genshin Impact, asymmetric horror multiplayer games like the heavyweight of the genre Dead by Daylight, but also massive competitive shooters including Valorant and Overwatch or the classic League of Legends. But, this does not stop him from checking out fresh new games and his stream of Spellbreak is a great example.

Now, while it is still early days for his stream, it still shows a lot of potential and a chance for some very cool streams to come. If you’d like to support festus523 on his streamer adventure, follow him on Twitter and his YouTube channel. Before you do, however, make sure you head on to festus523 Twitch stream and give him a follow there as well.