Awesome Gaming Video: LOVELY - MODERN WARFARE MONTAGE (MW Quickscoping Montage)

A great gaming montage always goes beyond being just a simple collection of impressive parts from a particular match or a game. AKpulse is a gamer, editor, and content creator who completely understands this concept. When it comes to AKpulse montages, these moments are blended perfectly with music, motion graphics, 3D text, and edits. In this form, they create something that is truly very close to a completely unique and incredibly engaging work of art. Check out his latest Modern Warfare montage to see exactly what I mean.

As you can see, this short video is the result of incredible amounts of effort and stunning attention to detail. Even individual beats in the music are timed perfectly to shots and stunning takedowns. Of course, all of this is happening with quickscoping, where AKpulse opens up the sniper's scope for a fraction of a second before making a successful kill. Beyond sheer editing, the level of first-person shooter skills shown here is beyond impressive.

Besides this, IMpulse is determined to get even better. He calls regularly on his community, which now numbers over 2,500 subscribers, to leave comments and suggestions. This is always a great thing to see with any content creator and AKpulse is no different. That is why future videos are bound to become better and better.

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