Awesome Gaming Video: COD Warzone - Best Weapon To Pair With A Sniper by Little Nut

Little Nut (or L1ttleNut on Twitch) is a gamer and content creator who recently began making videos and streams, all with a strong focus on FPS titles. Presently, the first-ever video on his Little Nut YouTube channel is up and it offers an interesting take on one aspect of Call of Duty: Warzone. In this clip, he explores the problem many Warzone players face - what is the best option to pair with a sniper rifle? Check out Little Nut’s take on this dilemma right here:

As you can see, he’s all about showing, not telling why this combination works, along with making some impressive long-range kills. While he plays, he also goofs around with his friends and clearly has a lot of fun. This is something that is a great trait for any gaming content creator and a very promising element for his future content. Beyond Warzone, Little Nut is also into Valorant and Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege.

If you’re an FPS and especially Warzone player, follow this promising new creator on Twitch but also don’t forget to subscribe to his Little Nut YouTube channel right now!