StoryArcana - Upcoming Open-World RPG set in a Wizard School

The setup of StoryArcana is exceedingly ambitious. The game, an indie RPG, is set in an open world that takes place in a realm of wizards, where magic, spells, and magic-casting are all real. There, an ordinary boy called Clay Quilt is transported, only to enter a different reality where he begins his studies to become a wizard.

The developer of the game is Rory Mitchell and this demanding project started in early 2019. From there, a small team was gradually built around the game, allowing it to reach a near-completion phase. The next big step is the game's release on Steam and, as well as its potential to become playable in a browser environment.

Besides the story, the game also provides a very interesting gameplay setup, which breaks down the in-game time to weekdays and the weekend. During the weekdays, the players will be tasked with learning new magic spells and spending time in the wizard school, which is like most such places, full of secrets. On the weekends, the players will be able to visit the Noxrose city, get ingredients for spells, and engage in quests.

Of course, all of this takes place in a fully-developed RPG environment. It includes leveling, items, and quests, as well as very wizardry things like in-game trading cards, broom sports, and a symbol-drawing spellcasting system.

Add to this a great pixel art visual style, amazing character design, custom musical score, and full English voice-overs, and you’ll get something that can only be described as a must-try for all RPG and Harry Potter fans. Follow the game’s development on its official website,, and Twitter, but first of all, wishlist the game on Steam right now!