BOX THE BEAT VR - Excellent Blend of Gaming, Virtual Reality, and Music

The ability to merge a gamified experience with a music soundtrack is already a very cherished genre in gaming. Yet, it is not always easy to get that mixture just right. Fortunately for all VR gamers, this is precisely what the xyTec Games development studio managed to do with their BOX THE BEAT VR.

The game offers an abstract virtual reality environment where the players are moved once they start playing. There, they will be greeted by randomized levels, a range of music tracks, and a VR-visualized representation of the beats. Their role of the player will be to hit those beats with their VR gloves at the right moment.

Beyond this initial setup, the game offers a huge range of options. These include over 100 songs and levels, along with a custom mode. With it, players can engage with any songs they like. There is also a campaign mode for those who want to beat the game as a whole, along with many unlockable things to get. It includes a range of locations, but also wall and gloves skins.

As the trailer clearly shows, there is a mellowness to the game that is infused with a great sense of challenge. This, along with the general immersion of the VR setup offers a game that is not often seen in the virtual reality niche.

If you found this to be an interesting concept, find out more about the game on the developer’s YouTube channel, Facebook, and its official website. Of course, if you own an Oculus VR device, get the BOX THE BEAT VR game right now on its store page!