Awesome YouTube Channel: Kumputer Kar

There's this notion that any YouTube content creator must have a laser-precise focus when it comes to their topic or domain of interest. According to this logic, the only way to make it on the platform is to push one type of video over and over again - this is especially prominent in the domain of gaming content. However, the Kumputer Kar YouTube channel is a perfect example that there is no universal rule for great content.

This channel and its author are primarily dedicated to programming and coding, as well as other technical topics. For example, the latest video covers the topic of creating a website using BASH in 2020 - it's less than a month old and already has over 15,000 views. But, at the same time, the channel offers a lot of gaming videos as well!

Check out this video of a stream of The Division. More precisely, the clip features the final mission and its chopper takedown.

As you can see, the video is very to the point and undoubtedly useful for anyone interested in The Division, including those frustrating moments if they're having trouble resolving this particular mission. There are additional videos of other Ubisoft Games, including The Division 2 and WatchDogs.

It would be great to see further video content on the channel that covers gaming, especially if it could also include some technical and even programming aspects. If you’d like to see more of that as well, subscribe to Kumputer Kar YouTube channel right now and help it restart its gaming adventure!