Awesome YouTube Channel: JLX2EE GAMING

Sometimes, you’re lucky enough to come across a channel which presents itself quickly and effectively in just a couple of words. In the case of the JLX2EE GAMING YouTube channel, this is its tagline. It simply states:

Game vicariously

In these two words, you can see what the channel and its creator, Elson, are all about - high quality gaming content that leaves you wanting more. Check out the channel trailer for a bit of an insight what Elson and his videos are all about:

The video games he plays cover amazing AAA titles. So far, these include Ghost of Tsushima, The Last of Us Part 2, Call of Duty, Marvel's Avengers, and Control. I'm sure that many more equally great games will come in the form of walkthroughs, gameplay videos, and animated commentary clips.

Also, it’s no accident that Elson is great at the same process. He is an experienced art director, who worked on numerous projects. These were in the domains of design, lettering, photography, and drawing, as his Instagram account shows. Thanks to these, he’s very much at home when it comes to creating excellent gaming videos as well.

If you’d like to support him on this journey of vicarious gaming, follow his Facebook fan page and subscribe to the JLX2EE GAMING YouTube channel now!