Awesome Gaming Video: Welcome to red dead idiots!

There’s one thing you need to know about this video on the yearlymaple 672 YouTube channel. There’s no other way to put it, but the same clip includes a lot of horse references and connections to horses. Yes, the video does take place in Red Dead Redemption, but even for this game, horses are more than abundant. These include the opening where the player tries to pick a fight with a horse, gets knocked out by a horse, and later on, comes with discussions about eating horse meat.

All of this occurs as a bunch of friends take part in the game’s multiplayer mode. The result is a lot of horsing around (I had to use this pun), but also a lot of humor and jokes that will be appreciated by all RDR fans, as well as many other games. To see why I think this, check out the entire video right here:

Of course, it goes without saying that no one could make this hilarious video as an isolated incident. Instead, the entire channel is dedicated to humor and gaming. The same collective mindset includes making videos with titles like "I love burning my friends alive!". Unsurprisingly, these come in-depth and cerebral discussions about whether or not "weapon porn" is a real thing and analysis of the voice of Marge Simpson while killing monsters.

Besides Red Dead Redemption, games featured on the channel include GTA5, Doom Eternal, FarCry, and titles from the Halo series. I’m sure that many more will come as well, being that these people are clearly a tightly-knit community that shares this - let’s call it - special and precious types of humor.

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