Awesome Gaming Video: A Way Out but we barely play the actual game by Redkrayon

There are many ways to play a game. Usually, most believe that there are good ways and bad ways. However, in the case of this clip of Way Out, there is also the third way: Redkrayon way. This way is definitely extremely bad but in the most hilarious way imaginable, as the Redkrayon YouTube channel shows. Check out the entire video right here to see what I mean by this:

The video showcases two friends goofing around as they massacre this title with a strong focus on the most trivial things. While the game developers might not enjoy something like that, we as an audience more than can. From the infectious laughter to the underlying of already silly moments, Redkrayon clearly has what it takes to make it in the comedy gaming niche.

The channel only recently got its start, but it also comes with a Twitter account, Twitch stream, and its own Discord server. If you’re into comedy gaming, you should check all of these out and of course, subscribe to the Redkrayon YouTube channel as soon as you can!