Awesome Gaming Video: Watch A BROKE Tarkov Player Become The SHOTGUN KING by TheTrueTato

There's no doubt that Escape from Tarkov is one of the most demanding FPS battle royale games out there. This is why so many players try all they can to play it safe and go for the popular options, especially when considering which guns to use. TheTrueTato is a gamer and YouTube content creator who doesn't believe in this approach.

Instead of going for an AK47 or some other widely used weapon, he decided to challenge himself to become a Tarkov shotgun king. Check out this amazing video showcasing his road to the same title with nothing more than a shotgun, some will to stay alive, and an insane level of skill with this rarely-utilized weapon.

As you can see, Tato is more than interesting to watch, along with a clear ability to find unusual subjects in popular games. Besides Escape from Tarkov, he currently has some videos of Rainbow Six Siege and Factorio. These show that he can more than handle a range of different genres and content creation approaches.

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