Awesome Gaming Video: My Biggest Clutch - Apex Legends by Reaiming

We all love a good clutch victory. However, sometimes, you come across one of these that goes beyond an ordinary clutch and becomes something of a gaming content must-see. In the case of Reaiming YouTube channel and its content creator, you can see one such epic video right here.

It takes place in Apex Legends and features 20 minutes of amazing near-death and full-death moments, which impact not just this gamer but also his team. The video even includes a self-revive and one moment where he says to himself "why am I alive, dude?" - I bet that many viewers got the same question in their minds as well. Yet, even then, the best is yet to come! This and the rest of the insanity that is the same video can be watched right here:

As you can see, this is some next level survival and fighting against the odds. Throughout it all, this content creator remains cool and composed, while he shuffles through a range of weapons, using all of them incredibly effectively. Even watching a few minutes of this content shows how good he is at Apex Legends and why anyone who likes this game will find the video so entertaining and even educational. After all, how many players can really not just survive this ordeal but actually come on top with a victory?

Unsurprisingly, Reaimig has a huge following on his social media. This includes an Instagram account with over 20k followers and his Twitter has over 4k. Along with this, his Twitch stream is close to 1k followers as well.

All of this paints a very clear picture - if you’re even mildly interested in anything that has to do anything with Apex Legends, follow Reaiming on Twitch and subscribe to him on YouTube. You won’t regret it!