Truck World: Australia - Wishlist Priority for any Trucking Simulator Fan

Australia is a unique country thanks to a range of different reasons. Among these is its road network and the incredible geography where these highways and roads are set. From the urban coastal areas to the snow-covered mountains and the world-famous outback region in the center of the continent, Australia has it all. That is why anyone who is into trucking and driving simulators should know about Truck World: Australia. Check out its trailer below:

Made by Red Ring, this upcoming Steam game offers all of them a chance to experience the same country and continent from a mighty, fuel-guzzling beast. In the title, players will be able to haul extreme cargo as they travel thousands and thousands of miles across these diverse types of terrain. This includes the iconic road trains that move numerous trailers on a single truck. This alone should be a must-try for anyone partial to trucking simulators.

The game should get its release date very soon. However, the present visual assets showcase a game that will be able to do justice to all of those mesmerizing landscapes. The same goes for the models of the trucks and trailers, both of which look detailed and realistic.

If you too love to put on your digital trucking hat and sit behind a wheel of a powerful machine, follow the game on its Facebook Fan page and wishlist Truck World: Australia as soon as you can!