Tiger Adventure Run - Cute & Engaging Endless Runner

A casual mobile game is as good as its ability to engage the players. In the case of Tiger Adventure Run, that element is more than up to the task! In this game, the players are tasked with controlling a running tiger who is set in an isometric world - there, they need to time their jumps just right and thus allow the tiger to make as much distance as he can.

This title offers the right amount of balance between replayability and the challenge each run brings. The same mixture allows the players to get that sense that right after they do one run, they want to do another one immediately. In essence, this is the basis of any good hyper-casual game.

The game, created by Dev-Group, also includes many additional elements. These are things like collectible gems, obstacles that move and make gameplay even more demanding, as well as incredibly cute characters they can unlock as they play.

All of this is presented in a very neat and optimized package that is Tiger Adventure Run. If you’re a fan of cut and engaging hyper-casual games, you need to get this one for free on Google Play right now!