- New and Fun Browser-Based Competitive Game!

Creating a successful .io game is often a lot harder than players perceive it. Instead of just slapping on a bunch of player vs. player (PvP) elements and putting it online, the process involves a much more precise sequence of making an engaging concept, refining and tweaking it and lastly making it appealing to both newcomers and veteran players. is one such game. Yes, like other .io titles, it is a fast and engaging browser-based multiplayer game. Visually, the game is set in a world similar to that of ancient Egypt, but which is reduced to a basic 2D environment, similar to classic and retro games of the 1990s.

The gameplay setup of the title is exceedingly simple - the players control a single entity in a maze (a scarab avatar) that can deploy bombs and pick up power-ups. The goal is to fight both the human players (PvP) or other scarabs, but also the non-human computer-driven skulls that are a part of the environment (PVE). Once the match comcences, so does the .io madness, as you can see in my Let’s Play video here:

Now, going for a combination of PvP and PvE is a demanding move by the developers. This is why it also successfully delivers an impressive setup for what could have been just another .io game. Instead, the game managed to do justice to the .io concept with dynamic gameplay but is also full of the right kind of competitive drive. This is the part that encompasses both the new players and those who have been at it for some time. Both groups can feel the challenge and also have as much fun as they want.

All of this makes the game a clear success when it comes to showing players that they could and should play another match and this is what .io games are all about. Try it out for free on right now!