Brotherhood League - Where the Best of the Greatest Gamers Game

Many elements define a great gaming community. One of the key ones, however, is history, and no amount of money or influence can buy that. In the case of the Brotherhood League, the gamers that make up the same community have plenty of that - it was created all the way back in 2008.

Back then, it was built around NCAA Football with leagues that advance 1-2 times a night. This concept proved popular and solid in its foundations, so it quickly grew to the present state where it encompasses Madden and NBA 2K. Both of these are amazing sports gaming franchises, but also incredibly popular in the wider gaming community.

Now, 12 years after it was created, the Brotherhood League is still going strong. As a gentleman's league, it is all about chilling out, competing, creating a strong fellowship, and ultimately, having fun. That is why it is always open to mature gamers, no matter how good or bad their game skills are. As long as they are like-minded, competitive, but also nonchalant and chill, they are more than welcome to the Brotherhood League.

Along with this very long-lasting concept and a determination to nurture a competitive but supportive environment, the community is also more than active on a range of streaming platforms and social media. Besides their official website, the League also has a Facebook Fan page, Twitch stream, Twitter account, and even a Brotherhood League YouTube channel. They also operate their Mdluv Twitch stream and a Brotherhood Sports Network Twitter account.

All of this shows a well-defined, friendly, and lasting community of gamers. If you too enjoy  Madden and NBA 2K, this is one brotherhood that you should check out!