Awesome YouTube Channel: DEEKAY GMZ

It's not a rare sight to find gaming content creators who try to be funny. Among these, some are adamant about pushing that humor as their main selling point. However, rare are those who succeed at this. In the case of DEEKAY GMZ YouTube channel, the same content creator and gamer managed to do just that. To get a sense of his mind, just check out this line from his bio page.

"Subscribe anyway, I have 47 elvish children and their survival depends on me getting attention."

Now, that is funny. Furthermore, it is just a taste of what he's all about and there is no better way to gauge his comedic kung fu than to check out this video of God of War called BOY.EXE:

We all know that this is a great title, but in the hands of DEEKAY GMZ, it becomes a three-person improvised comedy where Atreus is the most obnoxious kid in the universe, Kratos is a roided-up moron and the entire world of the game there just to poke fun at it. Here, DEEKAY GMZ maneuvers perfectly, getting out one joke after another, using everything from movie references to imitating voices and sounds,  and throwing in a bit of snap humor as well.

So far, he's been playing a range of games, even though he just got started. Through all of that, he is consistently fun, engaging, and simply hilarious. If you too love humor and gaming, you need to subscribe to the DEEKAY GMZ YouTube channel right now!