Awesome Twitch Stream: risscrackers

Starting something new is never easy. This is also the reason why so many individuals pass on the opportunity to do this in the domain of gaming content creation. Fortunately for all of us, risscrackers is not one of them.

Instead, this avid gamer decided to open a Twitch stream only a couple of months ago. Check out the first ever stream on the same channel right here:

As you can see, risscrackers is incredibly chill and natural in the streaming process, commenting and joking around with friends. This is incredibly refreshing in the current moment, where more and more people try to invent streaming alter-ego personalities that just do not fit.

Besides Fortnite, he also plays Fall Guys, Minecraft and her favorite - Dead By Daylight. This co-op horror survival title fits her perfectly, as well as her style of content-making.

Furthermore, as always, the best content creators are those who have a range of interests. In this case, that interest takes the form of photography - just check out her professional photography service Instagram to see the level of talent she brings to the table.

Natural, chill, and talented, this gaming content creator is definitely a person going places. If you’d like to support her through this journey, follow her on Twitter and do the same for her risscrackers Twitch stream right now!