Awesome Twitch Stream: BZSGames

In its essence, the act of gaming, no matter what shape or form it might come in, should be all about fun. If you’re not having fun while playing games, then you’re doing something wrong. The same applies to gaming content creation. Thanks to this, we all intuitively sense who is and isn’t having fun. Also, that is why you need only a couple of seconds on BZSGames Twitch stream to see that the man behind this content is definitely having a blast.

To see what I mean, just check out this clip of him playing Paper Mario: The Origami King. It is hard to watch something like this and not laugh along with all of the comedy, frustration and pure joy that is coming from BZSGames:

This genuine and super-laid back approach is no coincidence. BZSGames is all about making sure he, just as his fans and viewers, is having a good time. He wants to make it big on Twitch, but that is not the primary reason he’s there - this approach is not just cool but also the only sustainable one in the long run. Besides Paper Mario he also plays Apex Legends, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and Halo: Reach. I’m sure he’d be right at home with many other games as well.

If you too love unique, friendly, and fun-loving content creators and passionate gamers, you should follow BZSGames on his Discord server and Twitter. However, before you do that, follow his BZSGames Twitch stream as soon as you get a chance!