Awesome Twitch Stream: binogamingnetwork

Sometimes, gaming content creation is a process where you gather followers and fans at a very slow pace. At other moments, you gain an audience with lightning speed. This is what is currently happening to Robert, a gamer and content creator behind binogamingnetwork Twitch stream. Presently, he is at an incredible sum of 5.2k followers.

Yet, besides the fact that he is becoming insanely popular, insanely fast, Robert is nothing if not very down to earth and super chill. Just check out one of his latest streams to see a bit of his personal brand in action:

Besides his incredibly relaxed personality, Robert is also very humble. This is also a welcomed sight in a community of gamers where too many content creators believe they’re gods if they hit 1k followers. Robert believes that he is neither the richest nor the best gamer around, but is someone willing to learn and reach his dreams through effort and hard work. Clearly, this resonates very much with so many people on Twitch.

Currently, you can see him play Ghost of Tsushima, as well as a lot of NBA 2K20. He is also into FiveM and UFC, but I do not doubt that he’d be right at home with many other titles. Also, if you check out his Instagram, you can see that he has many other interests in his life, all of which further enhance his ability to make cool gaming streams.

If you like the sound of all of this, follow him on his Facebook fan page and subscribe to his YouTube channel. Also, before you do this, follow him on his binogamingnetwork Twitch stream and see this awesome content creator get a partnership status!