Awesome Gaming Video Series: Ascent of Egypt - Hunting (1 of 12)

The Sunrostern YouTube channel and the content creator behind it might be just starting, but it has a very clear concept. Currently, it is creating an incredibly detailed Let's Play series of one of the most iconic games of all time and a true legend of the real-time strategy genre: Age of Empires. More precisely, he is playing Age of Empires: Definitive Edition.

However, he is not just playing it. Instead, he is playing it Sunrostern-style. To see what that entails, check out the first video in the 12-part series, which covers hunting in Age of Empires. You can watch the whole video right here:

As you can see, this content creator is detailed to the very core of the game, which is in this case a single tutorial mission. He also explores the meta-game, including hints and the real-life history of ancient Egypt. Beyond that, he also does intensive video editing. This process includes things like still shots which he adds to the video, offering a much more dynamic and entertaining experience. He is also no stranger to puns and jokes, which you can hear immediately in this video as he connects the concept of Nubians and n00bs.

Presently, only two out of those 12 videos on the Egyptian campaign came out. If you’re interested in some nostalgia gaming videos that definitely travel off the beaten track, you should subscribe to the Sunrostern YouTube channel and see what else this talented content creator has in store!