Awesome Gaming Video: My first Fortnight Montage by CellSaga Gaming


Any good gaming montage video has a lot of different things going for it. Usually, you’d be hard-pressed to name and list these outright. But, when you see a video like that, you have no doubt all are there. Precisely this is the case for a Fortnite montage made by a content creator and gamer who runs the CellSaga Gaming YouTube channel. Check out the entire video right here to see what I mean:

First of all, the video offers a smooth audio-visual experience. It has a mellow EDM soundtrack, but showcases amazing moments from this battle royale game. Here, you can see all manner of amazing kills, from long-range sniper shots and precise assault rifle no-scope kill groupings, and going all the way to multikills, grande self-launch shotgun takedowns and even one insane Quadcrasher splatter death.

Clearly, this talented gamer creator is just starting his content creation adventure. For more of the same follow him on Twitter, Twitch, Instagram and of course, subscribe to his CellSaga Gaming YouTube channel right now!