Awesome Gaming Video: The 3rd Best Escape From Tarkov Ammo Guide on the Google Machine! by z_Omni_z

Thanks to the fact that the YouTube Gaming community is so widespread, there are countless videos on any subject, including gaming guides. This applies even to much more niche games like Escape from Tarkov. That is why one might think that there is no chance for any smaller YouTuber to get noticed with something like a guide for this particular game, which has a well-established following already.

However, that person would be very much mistaken and just a few minutes of this video by z_Omni_z will show why. This YouTube content creator does not have a huge presence on his z_Omni_z YouTube channel, but not because of a lack of quality. Instead, you'll probably be blown away (pun intended) by his ultra-detailed Escape from Tarkov ammo guide. Check out the entire video right here:
As you can see, this content creator is incredibly detailed in his presentation of a topic that is both super-complex and also related to a game that not that many gamers are into. As a very-realistic and insanely demanding title, Escape from Tarkov is definitely not for everyone. However, if you are into this game, you’ll just discover your future favorite location for this particular battle royale gaming content.

Of course, the depth and scale of this video are not a fluke. As the rest of the channel shows, as a gamer, z_Omni_z has been into battle royale titles for more than three years. Now, he has set his sights (again, pun intended) on Escape from Tarkov and already made a few more excellent videos apart from this ammo guide.

If you’d like to support the same content creator in finding a bigger and much-deserved audience, follow him on Twitch and Twitter. Before you do, however, check out his z_Omni_z YouTube channel and subscribe there as well!