Awesome Gaming Content Maker: Vlad MGC

Unlike many other gaming content creators, there’s something truly special about Vlad MGC. This is the fact that Vlad is an actual indie video game developer! So far, he created a single game, called The 1485. This is an adventure story, which is also a medieval life simulator. Anyone can play the same game for free and see how good Vlad is, besides the fact that he is undoubtedly getting better and better all of the time.

I say this because a similar drive is present in other elements of Vlad’s life. First of all, he is not a native English-speaker. Despite of this, he still makes awesome content on his Vlad MGC YouTube channel. Here, he is driven to improve his language skills but also create a very enjoyable and unique content. Just watch his video of the Gregory's Epic Adventure, an indie title with multiple choices and many different endings:

As you can see, Vlad doesn’t take himself very seriously, even though he is clearly knowledgeable about making games and also making content about these titles. Furthermore, he is very much at ease as he does that and is more than ready to goof around, including doing funny voices, like in this video.

However you look at it, Vlad is ready and willing to do the work, but also looks for ways to change for the better and improve. He is a rare breed of content creator who understands the way games are made and might even one day make a fantastic career as a game developer.

If you’re interested in a person like this, follow him on his, Twitter, and Facebook fan page, as well as join this Discord. Before you do that, subscribe to his Vlad MGC YouTube channel right now!