Awesome Gaming Content Creator: RogueCmdr

We’re all taught that the start of every journey is a tough process. However, we’re rarely told that often enough the journey itself is more than challenging. In the case of Sean, aka RogueCmdr, this journey takes the form of his gaming content creation. As a big fan of sci-fi variety gaming, Sean began creating gaming content over five years ago.

Back then, he was starting out with some creators who are household names today. Sean, however, took some breaks as his everyday life demanded it - as an IT systems engineer with 15 years of experience and a professional photographer, he wasn’t able to devote himself to nothing more than streaming.

But, a journey is not valued by how easy it is, but how adamant we are to continue it. That is why Sean is still working on his gaming content both on RogueCmdr Twitch Stream and YouTube channel. To see him in action, check out his latest stream of Assassin's Creed Origins - Hard Difficulty right here:

As you can see, the background as a gamer (over 27 years of playing all sorts of titles) and the drive Sean has are more than apparent. You can see both in his streams of Apex Legends, Space Engineers, Elite Dangerous, Teamfight Tactics, Breathedge, and Days Gone. While these are very diverse titles,  Sean makes his streaming style work for all of them. Besides, he is also very outgoing and friendly, which is why the current community he has around his content is bound to grow.

Clearly, this content creator is ready to keep working and continue his content creator journey. If you’d like to support Sean in his gaming endeavors, follow him on Twitter and Facebook. But, first of all, follow him on RogueCmdr Twitch stream and RogueCmdr YouTube channel right now!