Awesome Gaming Content Creator: fitpoints

Being solely focused on content creation is a good approach, but it is even better to try to merge this with some other interest a person might have in their life. In the case of fitpoints YouTube channel and Twitch stream, this other interest is mistakenly fitness. This 28-year-old from Los Angeles, CA sees himself as a gamer and a fitness freak. When it comes to fitness, he is deadly serious, as his Instagram account shows - with over 1,300 followers, he clearly found an audience.

The same applies to his gaming and content creation. He mainly plays on his PS4, but also has a Nintendo Switch and is clearly open for many different games and genres. Check out his opening video of the Ghost of Tsushima right here:

Besides, so far he also played the indie hit Cloudpunk, Fortnite, and a range of Nintendo games. These include Smash Bros Ultimate and Paper Mario: The Origami King. As for his content creation style, fitpoints are beyond chill, but also very knowledgeable and insightful of the games he plays. This includes super in-depth information about things like character behaviors and stats in Smash Bros, for example.

All this showcases a driven, ambitious, and most definitely determined content creator who is just getting started. If you’d like to join him on a potentially stellar journey of gaming and fitness, follow his fitpoints Twitch stream and subscribe to his YouTube channel right now!