Skidson - The Best AdventureQuest Worlds (AQW) Private Server

If you're a person who enjoys fantasy MMORPG games played in a unique and player-driven community, then you need to check out Skidson! This is a private server of the AQW  or AdventureQuest Worlds, a title that came out over a decade ago. However, Skidson is definitely a community that shows this game to be anything but obsolete. Check out the video of what this private server has to offer.
Also, it is important to note that the game is supported by dedicated and passionate players who are willing and ready to constantly update it. The video showcases Sikdson version 3 (v3) and it comes with a range of updates. These include things like bug fixes, new classes, and items, but also, less grinding that the present community asked for. This is always an amazing thing to see because it shows that the server developers are actively listening to the community and working on making things better.

Also, the very download page for the game includes an embedded Discord discussion group called "game updates" where all the changes can be followed. It also showcases just how numerous and strong this community is. If you’re also a fan of private server MMORPG you can play in your browser, check out Skidson right now!