Awesome Twitch Stream: supesrox023

Becoming a gaming content creator might sometimes seem like nothing more than goofing around, recording videos, and playing games. However, there is often a bigger picture behind that process and a much longer and harder road to the present moment then it first seems. In the case of supesrox023 Twitch stream, the very casual and friendly approach that its owner Chris has is likely the first thing you’ll notice. Check out his most recent stream of a Horizon Zero Dawn playthrough:
Yet, the life Chris leads is anything but all fun and games. He is a Type 1 diabetic, which means that he has to live very consciously about his health and well-being. However, he is clearly determined not to let this hold him back! Besides Horizon Zero Dawn, he also loves to play Spider-Man. He enjoys both games on his PS4.

Also, Chris is a writer who creates novels and short stories. His wide interest in the world around us is also seen on his YouTube channel, which he began eight years ago. There, you can also see a curious mind slowly finding his way around the new technology of online videos. Now, his focus is on Twitch, but he would also love to connect with people and talk about the things he loves: literature and games. I’m sure he has plenty of interesting insight into both domains.

If you’d love to support Chris on his content creator's journey, follow him on Twitter for updates about his videos and streams. However, before you do that, follow him on his supesrox023 Twitch stream right now!