Awesome Gaming YouTube Channel: HYPN0TiK

In the domain of gaming content creation, there is a huge lack of new videos and streams that focus on single-player, story-driven games. However, content creators like HYPN0TiK and his YouTube channel show it is more than possible to get into that niche even in 2020.

With a channel that is less than three months old, it already has over 1,500 subscribers. The reason why for this is the fact that he simply makes awesome clips. To see what I mean, check out his Let’s Play of Last of Us 2 right here:
As you can see, HYPN0TiK is someone who’s immediately likable, starting with the fact that like his hair, he embraces the crazy, weird and awkward parts of himself. This is why he makes very engaging content where he is both natural and super-fun to watch.

This ideally suits games like Resident Evil 3 or reactions to major upcoming titles like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. There will be much more content coming on the channel, which will post videos every Tuesday and Thursday.

If you’d like to learn more about this content creator, check out his Instagram. Then, head on to HYPN0TiK YouTube channel and subscribe as soon as possible!