Awesome Gaming Website: Gibbening - The Ultimate Star Citizen Hub

If you're engaged with the broader video game ecosystem, chances are that you're aware of Star Citizen. This massive multiplayer space trading and combat simulator already has a semi-legendary status and millions of eager fans. However, it also presents a huge domain of information and in-game elements that are too much for some new gamers. Luckily, there is a gaming website that can be the ideal guide for anyone interested in Star Citizen.

This website is and it presents the all-encompassing hub of relevant Star Citizen resources. Here, anyone will be able to reach other essential portals that cover mining, trading, in-game calculations, ship stats and models, chat commands, the roadmap of development, gray market and a wiki featuring an in-depth look at game's lore.

The website aims to be the go-to portal for essential tools and resources for Star Citizen, along with a dedication to constantly grow their list of these places.

At the same time, Gibbening is also slowly building a community around the same title. This is why the website features Twitch streamers who are playing this game, especially those that are presently holding giveaways. The same feature is also a fantastic chance for anyone to follow the best content creators working on Star Citizen videos and streams, along with a shot at winning things like in-game ships.

It is clear that Gibbening is a result of passion and immeasurable interest for this once-in-a-lifetime video game. Besides the website, you can also find their Facebook Fan Page and Instagram profile, both of which provide great value to the core hub.

If you’re interested in Star Citizen in any shape or form, this website has to be on your (space) radar. Check out Gibbening right now and find out what value can it bring into your gaming experience of this stellar gaming title.