Awesome Gaming Video: today we played warzone.. by earthonly

While there are many aspects of gaming that are relevant to different people, there is one factor that remains crucial for all of us: having fun. The earthonly YouTube channel and Twitch stream are places that are fully dedicated to the same idea. They are run by Marques, a gamer who simply wants to send out positive vibes. Check out his first video on YouTube, which showcases an amazing editing of Warzone matches right here:
As you see, the clip is a collection of fast edits, meme-cutouts, captions, and many more things that make it a super-fun bonanza of gaming and pop-culture. However, more importantly, the clip showcases Marques having a great time with his friends and you can enjoy the same in this gaming content.

Besides video games, this content creator loves music, sports, and anime. He’s currently in college and close to graduation, so the only reason he created this YouTube channel was to share his love of gaming. This and the positivity he shares, while he creates gaming content is very tangible. Also, it’s important to have that as much as possible in the gaming environment, which sadly more and more, features a lot of negativity and toxicity.

If you’d like to learn more about Marques and his videos and streams, follow him on Twitter, Instagram and join his Discord server. Before that, follow him on Twitch and subscribe to his earthonly YouTube channel right now!