Awesome Gaming Video: Can you learn how to Air Dribble In 2 Hours? by JavenJoh

Gaming is in many ways about challenging yourself. In the case of the JavenJoh YouTube channel, this concept is more than relevant. Here as well, this content creator is mixing the same drive for a challenge with some interesting and original ideas about what those challenges can be. In his latest video, he takes on Rocket League. More precisely, he gets into the issue of air dribbling.

In the world of Rocket League, this represents the concept of controlling the ball while in air, which is clearly something you need to be very skilled to pull off successfully. However, JavenJoh set up a small challenge and decided to try to learn to do the very same thing in under 120 minutes. The result is a one-of-a-kind video which you can check out right here:
As you can see, the video is a mixture of an unique idea, determination and high video editing skills that make the same blend more than engaging and interesting to watch. This applies to all gamers who are intrigued by a good challenge and not just Rocket League fans. The rest of the JavenJoh content is of a similar nature. That is why he recently played the Dino Chrome game until he reached a score of 10,000, for example. Also, there is a strong sense that this is just the beginning of future wild ideas he will come up with.

Presently, besides the YouTube channel, you can find this interesting content creator on Twitter, Twitch and his own Discord server. However, before you check out any of those, don’t forget to subscribe to JavenJoh YouTube channel for many upcoming gaming challenges and awesome videos.