Awesome Gaming Video: Call of Duty Modern Warfare Gameplay Highlights | Quick scope Sniping Montage Kar98k | MrEspano

When we think of gaming videos and gaming content creation, we usually think of a relatively new. However, in the case of the MrEspano YouTube channel and his owner Espen, the same adventure began all the way back in 2006! As you can see from the first gaming video, 15 years later, Espen is still into gaming. Now, however, he is much more interested in multiplayer shooter games.

To give a better sense of what Espen is all about, check out this amazing montage of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare kills. Not only that, but they are also of the quick scope variety followed by a perfectly selected (but unusual) song, both offering an even bigger level of FPS insanity.
As you can see, Espen knows what he’s doing. This applies to both his shooter skills, but also his ability to create engaging content. Besides gaming, Espen has also been playing guitar for over five years, which he learned on his own. That is why he makes covers, including many popular tracks like this great version of the Game of Thrones Main Title Theme. When it comes to gaming, he is mainly into Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty games, including a bit of Fortnite and CS:GO.

Clearly, Espen is a very talented guy and one who is determined to entertain his audience. To become one of those people, follow him on the MrEspano YouTube channel and enjoy his upcoming content!