Awesome Gaming Podcast: Geekz In The City

The scope of any podcast is one of the key elements that determine its potential for success. In the case of Geekz In The City podcast, the same scope is incredibly well-defined across several big and otherwise unrelated art forms. Here, they include gaming, anime, manga, and movies, which are a mix that actually many people generally tend to follow.

For Geekz In The City and the group of friends that creates it (Burger, 2D, Biz, Al Wolf, Gear Bear, and Inkpen), all of these fit in with one another perfectly. The work they do and the content they publish reflect this natural interest and a lot of passion for their videos. Just check out the really in-depth and very fun video of the less-known superhero Blue Marvel:
Besides, the group is also very much into gaming (besides playing Fortnite) as their Twitch channel showcases. Also, the podcast authors work hard on reaching out to voice actors from different games and making the Skipping the Line series, where they interview them. This and all other content they make comes with a very relaxed and easy-going style that will allow anyone to start following them.

If all of this sounds interesting to you, check out Geekz In The City on Apple, Google Play, HubHopper, iHeart, Mixcloud, Facebook fan page, and Instagram. Of course, do not forget to subscribe to Geekz In The City YouTube channel as well!