Awesome Gaming Content Creator: Ttvbreezy113

It’s always a good sign when a gaming content creator comes from a varied background. In the case of Ttvbreezy113, who streams on Twitch and YouTube, that background is the world of sports. First of all, he’s a dad, but that is just the start of his story. As an athlete and a self-professed gym rat, he is clearly well accustomed to a competitive mindset. This is why he’s so at home with the Call of Duty series, especially Warzone.

His gaming exploits are also more than interesting to others, as his affiliated Twitch stream has over 6,100 followers already. With a growing YouTube presence, the same rise in numbers can be expected there as well. After all, his abilities as a first-person shooter player are self-evident in a matter of minutes once you start watching him in action. Just check out his recent stream of Warzone and see a bit of his skill, as well as his approach to making content right here:
Besides Call of Duty: Warzone, he also streams Rocket League and NBA 2K20, as well as having an interest in many other titles. Even though he plays high-intensity games, Ttvbreezy113 is calm and composed throughout.

This is a really fresh way of showcasing this type of gaming content, especially because so many creators are currently forcefully trying to seem extremely stoked and intense. Ttvbreezy113 didn’t fall for that and instead, he offers amazing gaming action along with a super-chill and relaxed personal style of streaming.

If you’d like to find out more about this competitive content creator, follow him on Instagram and Twitter. However, if you love to watch some amazing Warzone action and many more cool things, follow him on Ttvbreezy113 Twitch stream and subscribe to his BreezyTheGamer YouTube channel as soon as you can!