Awesome Gaming Content Creator: aRelevantMeme

Getting a powerful montage of action from any game is anything but easy. However, for Steffen from the aRelevantMeme YouTube channel, the same is more than possible! To get a sense of what this gaming content creator can do, check out this Apex Legends montage. The clip, which already has 3,760 views, showcases the full range of Steffen's abilities.

It begins with an amazing frag grenade pinball throw and proceeds into a super-fun, super-dynamic showcase of Apex madness, all supplemented with memes, cutouts, audio clips, and many more things. All of them mixed together make it irresistible to watch. Check it out right here its complete 151 seconds of gaming goodness:
I don’t need to underline that Steffen is clearly insanely talented. In his everyday life, he’s a 21-year-old IT support guy who loves to help people and resolve their problems, as well as someone who has an interest in coding and programming. However, besides that, he’s a gaming content creator with not just a YouTube channel, but also a Twitch stream and an Instagram account. All of these are dedicated to his love of gaming and memes. 

Besides Apex Legends, he also has content in VRChat, Overwatch, osu!, Rocket League, and Fortnite, just to name some of his interests. However, he’s mainly into competitive FPS games, as well as hardcore indie titles. Also, his abilities as a meme-maker fit perfectly these genres.

If you too love high-intensity gaming and hilarious memes, follow Steffen on Twitter and Twitch, join his Discord, as well as subscribe to his aRelevantMeme YouTube channel as soon as you can!