Star Zone - Sci-Fi Arcade Space Shooter - Review

All fans of space-based sci-fi gaming understand all too well that a good title needs to first and foremost have that sense of contextual validity. Games like Homeworld or Elite: Dangerous are masters of this factor, because they are able to pull you into their worlds of tech and sci-fi in a matter of minutes. In the case of Star Zone, a mobile indie space shooter, you will find the exact same thing.

The game is set in a distant future where you’re given a command of a massive space battleship. There, you will embark on a range of missions, always upgrading your vessel and even buying new ones. Immediately, you will get that sense of validity - from the amazing 3D design of all ships and other objects, to the naming of upgrades (like “enhanced servos” or “reinforced plating”), you’ll right away see this is a game made by fans of sci-fi for other fans to enjoy.

Furthermore, the actual gaming mechanic is just as appealing. At the start, you control a single turret, along with special limited-use features like ship shield and auto-repair. However, as you immerse yourself in the game, you’ll see other elements, including individual upgrades, new weapons like rockets and even entire new ships. Fortunately, none of these uses a pay-to-win elements. Instead, Star Zone really allows you to play and enjoy it for free.

Created by Luis Moral Guerrero, the game is clearly an effort of passion and commitment. Impressively, it offers not just a solid sci-fi themed game, but also one that provides a very polished experience. There are no bugs or glitches and the title works perfectly even on a 4-year-old Android device (Huawei P9 Lite). Thanks to all of this, if you too love sci-fi mobile gaming, Star Zone is absolutely a title you will enjoy for a prolonged period of time if you give it a chance. To learn more, check out its official Star Zone website or try it out on Google Play or the App Store right now!