- Fun Online Game of Word Drawing & Guessing

If you love games similar to Drawing Charades or Pictionary, there’s a title that you need to check out -! This game is both simple and engaging, while it fully focuses on its basic appeal: providing the players a chance to compete in drawing and guessing of words and terms. The game takes place on a single screen where the players can see, draw, and guess words in individual time-limited rounds. The roles change with every round, so everyone gets to both guess the words being drawn and also do some drawing of their own.
Both actions - if successful - gain points for the player. The same points are then added up by the platform and summed up into a score for each competitor. The simple but functional design of the game is also helping streamline this concept further. It allows the players to create a profile and then quickly get to drawing and guessing. The actual gaming screen is also done in a great manner, offering a big drawing area, as well as icons for individual players in any round.

The side of the screen features a sidebar for typing in the words. This simplicity of use is another reason why the game can become very popular with players who want to have private sessions with their friends - the platform allows for this option as well!

Elegant and simple, is an ideal game for anyone who is a fan of things like Pictionary. The huge bonus, in this case, is that here they can have the same experience right from their home computer!