Paradise and Ruins - Promising F2P MMORPG out on Android!

The first thing any mobile RPG player will likely notice about Paradise and Ruins 2D is the fact that it takes place in a world that blends a sci-fi and fantasy setting. As the game begins the players will find themselves on Alpha Centauri, where they set out to find a new habitable world. However, a crash occurs instead, sending them to the unknown land where they need to salvage weapons and armor, and face this hostile world alone or with the help of others.
Made by Dust Storm Productions, this free-to-play project is in early access, but still provides more than a promising MMORPG. In fact, the game comes with all the elements you'd expect not just in a mobile RPG game, but cross-platform AAA productions in the massive online multiplayer genre. Paradise and Ruins offers a full PvE and PvP environment, with a detained and in-depth XP and leveling-up system.
The same goes for its numerous weapons and player classes, which include melee, mage/explosives, projectile, and healer options. Also, players can team up into guilds, trade items between each other, and even take on bosses for special items (including rare and legendary ones). The game even supports pets and creatures that can be mounted.

The game offers all of this in a very appealing retro pixel-art form, which is colorful and bright. It especially offers a great nostalgic feeling for the RPGs of the 1990s but provides it inside of a very modern mobile MMORPG system. If this sounds like something you'd like to explore, check out the game's Discord server, its sub-reddit, Patreon and its official website. If you'd like to try the game out right now, visit its Google Play page and ember into the huge world of Paradise and Ruis!