Lord of the Rings: Rise to War Announced!

A big partnership just got officially forged between Warner Bros and NetEase and it will see the creation of a new LOTR game! This time around, the Chinese mega-developer will work on a mobile strategy that will be set in the world of Tolkien's books. Presently, it is known that the game will come out somewhere in 2021 and that it will include battles where players will need to demonstrate strategic skills.

This is why everyone assumes that the game will be a strategy. At the same time, it will take place in the Third Age of the famed Middle Earth, which is basically what the Lord of the Rings trilogy of movies covers, starting with the Battle of Dagorlad and ending with Sauron's ultimate defeat at the hands of the Fellowship of the Ring.

Right now, every online destination about mobile games is quoting NetEase as saying that the game will be a "visually stunning and completely faithful rendition" of the story. This should include all of the major characters from the movies and the books.

Could the game be a hybrid of an adventure and a tactical strategy? That could be amazing, but the size of the studio making the game suggests something that is definitely not going to be a premium title. However, any F2P base-building and Clash of Clan-like title that is only taking place in this setting could also be a huge disappointment.

Likely, there is a third possibility and we all hope NetEase delivers something closer to the first option than the second one. For all updates, follow their official website (which weirdly doesn't mention Lord of the Rings: Rise to War as of now).