Gaming Giveaway: Win a PS4/Xbox One copy of Warface Breakout on X LEEBO X Stream!

Lee, who uses x LEEBO x as his gamer name, is a well-known presence in the streaming community. As a veteran gamer who began playing games on his first console, Nintendo 64, he quickly moved on to titles like Halo and Gears of War. Now, with over 4,200 fans on his Facebook gaming page and more than 600 followers on Mixer, he is a content creation force to be reckoned with. Besides these and his Twitter account, Lee is officially affiliated with a huge title -  Warface Breakout. That's why he's now holding an amazing giveaway for all of his present and future fans.
Today, on 19th June 2020, starting at 18:00 GMT, he will be giving out two copies of Warface Breakout. While many streamers make their viewers do insanely demanding things to get into any giveaway, Lee isn't one of them. Instead, you just need to like the stream, follow the page, and share it with your gaming friends. Do this and you get a chance to win either a PS4 or an Xbox One copy of this online first-person shooter.

If you want to get into Warface Breakout and also want to do it with a really fun and engaging content creator, tune in tonight to the X LEEBO X Stream giveaway!