Gaming Crowdfunding: DevilHunterX Kickstarter

There's a new Kickstarter project in the works that anyone who's into action and hack & slash games should check out. Its name is DevilHunterX and it is an adventure that blends RPG and a classic hack & slash approach, but drives for high replayability.

The story of the game follows the invention of XCells, a substance derived from the blood of monsters. Now, it can provide abilities and powers to those who use its mutating effect - the Devil Hunters. Immensely powerful, Devil Hunters are both feared, shunned, and sometimes driven to madness in a world where they are still very much needed to keep the darkness at bay.

In this universe, the players take on monsters and huge boss figures as Devil Hunters and use the same powers and abilities. These include both melee and ranged attacks and many additional things, as the game demo trailer showcases.
As you can see, there's already a lot of things going on even at this stage of development and you can even try out the demo for yourself on DevilHunterX page. Also, as an indie title that is mainly the work of a single developer, the Kickstarter goal of $1,001 seems more than reasonable.

If you're interested in learning more about this project, check out its Kickstarter page. There, you see if you can help this game become a reality either by donating or helping spread the word about it!