Awesome Twitch Stream: Ushamei

The thing you’ll immediately figure out when you check out the Ushamei Twitch stream is that its owner is a very down to earth and approachable guy. His name is Dustin and he’s a US-based gamer who simply loves to stream and share his love of games. The Twitch stream he runs and operates is very new, but still showcases a lot of promise for all gaming fans who appreciate an honest and natural approach to streaming.

At the age of over-the-top and insanely whined-up gaming content creators, having someone like Dustin is really refreshing. At the same time, this doesn’t mean by any means that he’s dull or boring. Just check out one of his most recent streams, which includes a little bit too much Jager shots and nowhere nearly enough sleep to see more of his approach to gaming content creation!

As you can see, Dustin is beyond chill and up for a joke or two even in moments like this and that’s awesome to see! When it comes to his gaming preferences, right now, he and his friends are mainly into Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Siege. However, you can also find streams of Need for Speed Heat and Escape From Tarkov. He also sees himself as a variety streamer, so there will be plenty more of different games to come.

Dustin is also dad to his daughter Dinah, who can also sometimes barge into his streams. This makes his efforts even more impressive - beyond his parenting and Twitch streaming, he also maintains a big social media presence. That is why you can find him on Discord, Twitter and Instagram. Besides, he’s also active on the hottest social media right now - TikTok, where you can find him under @guillotinefiend.

If you also appreciate laid back and fun streamers who enjoy gaming and having fun with other games, then Dustin is the man for you. Don’t waste a moment longer and go follow his Ushamei Twitch stream right now!